Departmental Planning Office (DPO)

The members of the Departmental Planning Office for the EN department are:

The main responsibilities of the DPO cover personnel and material resources planning, budget execution, monitoring and control as well as reporting.

The DPO liaises with central services from FAP Accounting, External Funding (EU, Team Accounts, External Funding), Resources, Planning & Controlling, and HR Frontline and Talent Acquisition.

The DPO reports to the Departmental Management meetings (ENMB) and helps with the preparation of reports for the CERN Annual Progress Report (APR) and the CERN Medium Term Plan (MTP).


The planning activities linked to the CERN Medium Term Plan and the Draft Budget include: 

  • Final Budget (incl. Probable Revenues & Expenses PRE)
  • Internal Budget (current year)
  • Budget requests and allocations
  • Manpower Planning


Budget execution's activities are:

  • Budget Transfers
  • Annual book closing
  • Accruals
  • Purchasing procedure (DR, MS...)
  • Recharging (jobs, rebilling of contractors, TID for collaborations, etc.)
  • DG reserve claim and attribution
  • Order clean up
  • Revenue allocations
  • Support with data gathering related to PPE / intangible
  • KT fund project follow up
  • Staff planning and activities follow-up
  • Post openings
  • Contract Follow-up
  • LD to IC and extensions
  • Fellows follow-up for AFC
  • Students and Associates follow-up for AFC and TS
  • MtoP follow-up


The DPO monitors and controls:

  • Budget Control (corrective actions)
  • Budget Control (EDH approval and CET follow-up)
  • Pipeline
  • Forecasting
  • Overtime requests

Other tasks include: 

  • Assignments of signature rights and roles
  • Creation and maintenance of budget codes, organic structure and projects
  • EDH Documents re-routing
  • Approval of equipment sale
  • Inventory

Privacy notice

Find out more about the Privacy Notice of the EN Financial and Personnel Planning Service here.